Membership Opportunity

Membership in EASEA is by application and approval. A Member School  accepts the EASEA Statement of Faith, meets basic educational guidelines and desires association with EASEA.

Accredited School meets EASEA accreditation standards and if applicable the standards in the school’s home state.

Affiliate Member accepts EASEA Statement of Faith and works in harmony with its purposes and practices.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Governance: Fostering Effective Leadership 

Maintain an organizational structure and process to ensure that administration and the board adhere to the mission and vision of EASEA, develop and implement appropriate policies and controls, and provide planning and visioning for the organization.


Finances: Building a Strong Financial Foundation

To provide a sound financial structure that is transparent and fiscally responsible.


Marketing, Communication and Expansion: Strengthening our Identity, Visibility, and Network

Increase the awareness of EASEA, provide effective and regular communication with all interested parties and expand the membership of the association.


Accreditation & Certification Services: Ensuring Excellence

Provide to member schools accreditation and teacher certification services that are in harmony with the mission and vision of EASEA.


Educational Services: Empowering Schools

Provide counsel, guidance, and educational services that will assist member schools in reaching their goals and EASEA standards.