Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy’s primary emphasis is to develop in young people a character that mirrors the servant leadership exemplified in Christ’s life and ministry. Whether through mission aviation, disaster response, personal evangelism, or video production students find fulfillment in service. These ministries, along with practical duties and a college preparatory, accredited curriculum, create a well-rounded citizen for Christ. Heritage Academy is committed to seeing that each young person is given the skills, opportunity and encouragement to fulfill the Lord’s calling for their lives both here and hereafter.

Mission Statement

Encouraging young people to learn, experience, live and share Christ.

Educational Program

vykjne1tJdypmkj_cC0xiVIOFkTIWxWCafETuYJLH0oHeritage is a self-supporting coeducational boarding academy placed amid rolling and rich farm land to meet the educational needs of young people seeking to hasten the Lord’s return. The ground breaking ceremony took place in April, 1994. The succeeding four months of construction enabled the school to open its doors to the first students in August, 1994. The school continues to grow having an active academic curriculum, agricultural program and spiritual atmosphere. The vocational program, training our youth in useful labor, incorporates an institutional bakery, field/greenhouse farming, colporteur work, and a country store to name a few.

Heritage Academy conducts its program of instruction in harmony with the philosophy of education described in the Encyclopedia of the Seventh-day Adventist Bible commentary. Following are objectives stated in that document.

  • To maintain in each school a spiritual atmosphere in which prayer, worship, and doing the will of God will be, in the eyes of the majority of the students, the ideal and accepted pattern of living.
  • To make the Bible and the Biblical world-view the centered of all study and teaching.
  • To enable each student to achieve a Christian philosophy of life and to have opportunities to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to express his philosophy in Christian character.
  • To promote a high level of scholarship, with emphasis on independent thinking and the highest achievement possible for each individual, and with reference to its practical application to the needs of the world.
  • To give students the opportunity to learn habits of healthful living, so that their physical development may be enhanced, not so much by a program of games and competitive sports as by employment in school-related industries or agricultural enterprises in which they may learn a useful trade or skill, gain a sense of achievement, find in physical activity release from the tensions resulting from a heavy study program, learn a respect for the dignity and worth of physical labour, obtain a balanced view that will prevent the development of intellectual snobbery, and, at the same time, continue the educational process by developing habits of industry, promptness, reliability, accuracy, thoroughness, and selfreliance.
  • To promote social, cultural, and emotional growth, resulting in stable, balanced citizens who are a credit to their community, who are fitted to bear life’s responsibilities, and who have developed insights and outlooks that make life worth living.
  • To give instruction in homemaking and in skills necessary to make and maintain happy marriages.
  • To encourage the students to make a personal commitment of their capacities and strength to the service of God, mankind, and their church, choosing professions that enable them to serve others and to participate in the promulgation of the Christian faith.

For more information about Heritage Academy, visit their website at www.heritagetn.org or call 931-839-6675.

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