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The E. A. Sutherland Education Association was developed by The Layman Foundation (TLF) to assist independently operated, self-supporting schools of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the areas of school improvement, teacher certification, accreditation, inter-school student activities, vocational training, staff development and resource development.

EASEA’s mission is to facilitate the development, improvement and propagation of lay-operated Seventh–day Adventist schools as defined in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. Our vision is to create a worldwide association of lay-operated Seventh-day Adventist schools preparing young
people to proclaim the three angels’ messages.

The E. A. Sutherland Education Association ensures excellence in its member schools through a continuous process of self-evaluation, reflection and improvement. Schools are challenged to implement innovative change and continual improvement while faithfully adhering to a distinct Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy.

To facilitate this process, EASEA offers school accreditation and teacher certification services that are in harmony with the mission and vision of its member schools.

Ensuring Excellence Through…

I have been extremely benefited by EASEA. They have been instrumental in helping me know how to organize my classes, create good exams, powerful classroom discussions, find resources online, and create effective power-points. I am very thankful for the insights, guidance, and examples of being an effective educator.Marti Soler, teacher at OHC
Integrity – demonstrating honesty, transparency, and reliability
Excellence – reaching for God’s ideal
Principle – operating on the basis of Biblical principles
Diversity – respecting diverse approaches
in the pursuit of excellence
Service – ministering in the spirit and manner of Christ
Balance – preserving a balanced
philosophy of education
Spirituality – fostering a deeper experience with God
Valuing – encouraging schools and individuals
to reach their full potential

We believe that all disciples of Jesus are interested in the whole person: mental, spiritual, physical and social. We believe that the educational principles and direction as given by Ellen G. White provide a well balanced educational program which ministers to the whole person, preparing students to be a blessing within the present community and preparation for eternity.

Empowering Schools

EASEA assists member educational institutions by facilitating school improvement through:

  • Encouraging a nurturing school atmosphere
  • Conducting school evaluations
  • Coordinating spiritual growth activities
  • Offering accreditation and teacher certification
  • Encouraging academic and vocational excellence
  • Coordinating opportunities for mission involvement
  • Promoting training in health, practical skills and agriculture
  • Coordinating staff development opportunities
  • Formulating policies and procedures
  • Interfacing with other denominational, educational and state agencies

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“Students of EASEA schools are greatly benefited from the rich assortment of interschool activities provided – many of which would not be available to them were it not for EASEA’s sponsorship. The yearly Music Festival, Bible Conference, Adventist Historic Village Service Project, Work-Bee, and Mission Trip are all planned to not only give students opportunities to grow and develop their skills, but to lead them closer to Jesus.”Harriet Clark | Principal, Ouachita Hills Academy

EASEA believes that life changing experiences come when a student is able to see the vast needs of others and how they personally can help. It gives them a profound understanding of the Lord’s presence in their lives and helps them build a bridge from spiritual theory to practical Christian living.

The E. A. Sutherland Education Association inspires service among students and staff of its member schools by providing leadership and coordination for a variety of faith-nurturing and service-oriented interschool activities and events. By facilitating various activities and service projects, EASEA gives students the opportunity to build a love for good music, hear great speakers and experience a foreign country through mission trips. These activities build a camaraderie between schools and gives students the opportunities to share their gifts along with other like-minded students.

“Witnessing first hand the challenges people face in other parts of the world left me with a deeper appreciation for the blessings we have. It provides a perspective that stays with you for a lifetime, and instills in you a deep empathy for those in need, sparking a desire to help others in need.”Jimmy Faucher, graduate

What type of student activities are provided?

  • Bible Conferences
  • Music Festivals
  • Work Bees
  • Mission Trips

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